Foraging for Freedom with Nicki Lynne – 016

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This week on Homesteads and Homeschools, the Liberty Hippie welcomes Nicki Lynne to the show. Nicki is a mother of two and the curator and creator of Foraging for Freedom. Nicki is an author and homeschooling mother of two from Florida who does a bit of homesteading and is hoping to do even more in the future. During the show we talk about her experiences homeschooling and what they do on the homestead. We talk about how she manages to take her kids across country, plant vegetables, write countless words, and make it all educational. Go check out her books on amazon, and dig into all the content she produces on her website!

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After the show, the Liberty Hippie delves into some mycology stuff, and examines a few of the different uses for mycellium based projects from Ecovative Designs. (Unfortunately, in 2017, despite being concerned about climate change, Ecovative took a $9.1 million grant from the worlds largest producer of CO2, the US Dept. of Defense’s DARPA, but the technology is out there!) After talking mushrooms, again, the Liberty Hippie announces his participation in Agorafest 2020 along with today’s guest Nicki Lynne, Sherry Voluntary, Derrick Broze, and Gary Chatier. Stay tuned for more details.

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Link to show notes for episode 15 with The Mt. Troll.

Lizzie P. of the Sounds Like Liberty Podcast – 002

Welcome back to Episode 2! Today’s episode opens with an brief exploration of the Homesteaders Co-op, which is essentially a hub for trading or purchasing homemade paper goods, seeds, hand crafted textiles, and a slew of other things. Go check it out and help the little guy.

From there we delve into a conversation with Lizzie Pecone the co-host (with her husband) of Year Round Tree and the Sounds Like Liberty podcasts. Lizzie spent her first couple of years in the public education system and was then removed by her mother to finish the rest of her educational career.

Things We Talked About

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Elizabeth Melton of Sixpence Farm CSA – 001

I’ve been wanting to get a podcast going for sometime now, but haven’t had the gumption until recently. Presently there are only two episodes available – and the first is just a pilot so… – but new episodes will be released on Tuesdays.

As you might imagine, the podcast will interview individuals involved in the homesteading and homeschooling movements in an attempt to gain insight into how others run their micro-programs so that we can all learn from each other. I have recorded a good number of episodes and I can tell already that my interviewing skills have started to get better, so stick with me and give them a listen.

Each episode will start out discussing an article from the internet, or some sort of interesting, unique, informative website or program that homesteaders and homeschoolers might find useful or informative. After that we will get into an interview. My first interview was with Miss Elizabeth Melton of Sixpence Farm. Check out the show notes for all the details, and put the rss feed into your podcatcher to subscribe to all future shows. (The show will be on iTunes soon, but as of writing, Apple is still in the reviewing process.)

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