Elizabeth Melton of Sixpence Farm CSA – 001

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In this episode, the Liberty Hippie starts out by bringing attention to the Archangel Ancient Tree Archive – an organization cloning “champion” trees and planting groves of them in different places throughout the world in an attempt to clean the air, purify water sources, and act as CO2 sinks. This group was brought to our attention when they planted a grove of 75 cloned Coastal Redwoods in the Presidio in San Francisco. While we can’t always jive with federally owned land, this is a great example of a free market solution’s attempt to cessate climate change.

After addressing the AATA, we talk with Elizabeth Melton about her farm and CSA – Sixpence Farm – while discussing what it means to be a CSA farm, and how patronizing a CSA farmer can help in a multitude of different ways.

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