Abridged About

Ah, the about page. This is the short version, if you want the long, there will be a link here, when it’s done…

A childhood spent outdoors, digging in the ground, planting vegetables, raising chickens, hunting squirrels and deer established a strong love of the outdoors as well as a desire to provide for myself from the surrounding environment. My environmental ethos and understanding of our place in the world further developed through college as I earned my undergraduate in a combined major of Environmental Studies and English.

I eventually found myself in graduate school getting my Masters in the Art of Teaching English in secondary education. Not long after graduating I moved to Brooklyn and attempted to find a teaching job. After living in a 500 square foot apartment with no personal outdoor space for two years I realized this wasn’t for me: I needed outdoor space. I needed my space. I needed to cultivate the environment to provide for me.

In 2010, my son was born, and over the next few years we bounced around from Brooklyn, to Georgia, to Vermont, before finally landing back in Middle, Georgia. While we loved Vermont, the winters were long, the land expensive, the taxes unbearable, and the houses old. When a job opportunity for my wife arose in Georgia we picked up shop and moved. We quickly bought a house on some pasture and had ourselves a nice little set up. By this point our son was entering kindergarten and we were intending to send him and his siblings through the public school system, after all, I was a public school teacher – what would pulling my son out of school say about me? Needless to say, public school wasn’t right for my son, and it wasn’t right for us for a number of reasons – you can read about on the blog – and we decided to homeschool.

The blog section of this page will attempt to capture some of our stories and adventures as we attempt to build some semblance of a homestead  while we homeschool our four children. While the podcast will examine different aspects of homesteading and homeschooling from methodology to know how, to implementation. We love to hear from you so leave a comment, send an email or use the contact page, and leave us some feedback or suggestions.