Getting Down with the Poultry Queen on Sadie-Girl Farm – 009

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This week the Liberty Hippie had the chance to talk with Julie Kirchner of Sadie-Girl Farm in Western North Carolina. Julie is enthralled with poultry and has made a thriving little side business selling some pretty fantastic chickens and quails. We talked about what varieties she focuses on – Black and Blue Copper Marans, Lavender Ameraucanas, Olive Eggers, Silkies, and Celedon Quail – and how she came to pick those varieties. We got into some of the details of her set up and how she is able to run so many flocks congruently while maintaining variety purity. These are all skills that Julie has learned later in life through non-conventional means, and it’s worth noting that the community is one of superb helpfulness. You can purchase chicks or hatching eggs from Sadie-Girl farm by accessing their website.

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After the interview, the Liberty Hippie gets into the recent spat of Tim Tebow Bills that have been pushed into Statehouses as well as a bill in Iowa that proposes to distribute public school funds to private and homeschooled children. He looks at some of the pros, but also the overwhelming cons.

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