Schooling in a Corn Crib with Steve Kemp – 008

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This week the Liberty Hippie sits down with Steve Kemp and discusses a key event in his public education that he still remembers 25 years later, and how it shaped his outlook and the choices he is making as a father concerning education. We also talked about how it was not all bad once he started his homeschooling career. This was another great interview with a wonderful family man, talking about homeschooling, child rearing, and life in general.

After the interview, the Liberty Hippie looks at the EPA’s recent banning of paint strippers that contain methylene chloride. It isn’t just the act of prohibition that gets him fired up, but the fact that it is a government agency making laws without going through the proper channels laid out in the constitution.

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Link to show notes for episode 007 with Tamlynn Clyde of Clyde’s Dale Homestead.

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