Growing Up Homeschooled with David Auge – 006

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This week on Episode 6 of the Homesteads and Homeschools podcast, the Liberty Hippie talks to David Auge of the Bacon, Barbells, and Bibles podcast. David started his educational career in public school but ended up getting pulled out to homeschool in his early elementary years. We talked about his experiences as a homeschooler, what he did for socialization and some advice his father gave him when it came time to picking a career.

The Things We Talked About

When the interview wraps up, the Liberty Hippie discusses a couple of free-market green projects. The first is a project from Amazon that is part of their Shipment Zero program meant to help reduce carbon emissions and the second is a project from Gomi that is attempting to take care of some of that non-recyclable low density polyethylene by using it to create bluetooth speakers. Lastly, he has to talk about Georgia HB530, a bill that was introduced in the wake of the Crocker deaths in Effingham County which where discussed in Episode 5.

The Articles Discussed

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Link to show notes for episode 005 with Noel of the Homesteader’s Co-op.

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