Homestead Hack #3: Steam Your Eggs!


A couple of weeks back, I mentioned labeling your eggs as they go into the carton. This hack is another egg-tip for you chicken minded – or other avian friendly – folk. In a blind taste test, I have zero idea as to the differences between a farm fresh egg and a store bought one. To me, they all taste the same. When I can tell the difference is when they’re hard boiled. I can’t actually taste the difference, but when it comes time to peel them, the distinction is clear: an older egg sloughs it’s shell easily and cleanly, a farm fresh egg is impossible to peel uniformly and half the egg white ends up still stuck to the shell. (If you’re curious as to why this happens, you can read about it on Popsugar.)

So what do you do when you want a hardboiled egg for a snack when you’re bucking logs? You could keep a carton of eggs you let “age” in the back of the fridge but that requires planning. The better answer: steam them. I’m not entirely sure where my wife read about it, but ifyou steam fresh eggs for 20-25 minutes, you’ll be able to peel them just like the well seasoned eggs you buy at the grocery store, but without all the planning! (And don’t forget to write a big old “HB” on them. No one wants to peel a non-hardboiled egg.)

Homestead Hack #2: Steal the Batteries!

5 thoughts on “Homestead Hack #3: Steam Your Eggs!

  1. heathenembers

    I used to work as a chef many years ago, and we would hard boil eggs in a fancy steam oven. You can get more consistent results, and definitely easier to peel! If you have to boil fresh eggs in water, I read, and have found it to be somewhat true, that they are easier to peel if you boil the water first and then put the eggs in, rather than putting the eggs in cold water and letting them heat up slowly.


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